Serivces Provided By MILMA

  • Renewal of Money Lending license
  • Submission of money lenders account as per sec. 16.1 of money lenders act
  • Provide details of the prospective borrower
  • Provide business opportunities to the clients
  • Provide legal assistance
  • Provide an avenue for the members to share their problems and identify measures to overcome those problems
  • Provide a nation wide customer data base for money lenders to evaluate their prospects
  • Offer following courses:
    • Money Lending as a career
    • How to operate by not contravening the Malaysian law
    • How to recover the debts ethically
    • Negotiation skills


  • To be one of the key economic players of the country.
  • To unite and guide all moneylenders and help the government to eradicate “loan sharks ” in the community.
  • To improve the image of moneylenders by being ethical, professional and law-abiding.
  • To work closely with the government and at the same time maintain and improve the livelihood of its members.

Strive to be ethical and professional moneylenders and at the same time contributing to the social economic development of the country

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Professional solution to the micro credit needs of the community within the realms of the moneylenders act 1951

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